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We all use social media in our day-to-day lives, so there’s a level of comfort with the tools. You should also link to your other social media profiles, as doing so might allow you to grow your followers on other platforms. This section gives you insight into your followers, such as what your audience is watching and when they’re most active. This information can also be used to inform your approach to content creation, as well as the times you decide to post new videos.



There’s a lot of competition on the platform, so don’t go too general. You’ll have a better chance of growing a following if you focus on a smaller, more specific niche. There are steps you can take to grow your TikTok follower count. But there’s a caveat — the steps are simple, but the high-earner status doesn’t happen overnight. Growing your TikTok audience takes time, consistency and hard work. Consider these ideas to grow your followers and maximize the money you can make on TikTok.



Saves and shares tell you that people find the tutorial useful and want to return to it, while likes are more passive. However, if you’re running a brand awareness marketing campaign, likes and new followers are valuable success metrics. When analyzing results, you have to put them into the context of what you hope to achieve. Buffer's analytics will create social media reports for you.Keep in mind that metrics only matter if they tell you something valuable. Likes are great for an ego boost, but is that why you’re using Instagram for business? You’ll gather more actionable insights if you look at metrics that tell you what motivates your fans to keep coming back to your content and paying for your products or services.



This Italian greyhound is a fashionista with more than 200 outfits and a considerable following. She just might be Montreal’s best-dressed celebrity, and even though she’s just seven pounds, she carries a tremendous amount of weight on social media. Nala Cat became an overnight sensation in 2012 with her Instagram account, and she hasn’t looked back. Now, she has her own brand of cat food, is the author of the book, "Living Your Best Life," and holds the Guinness World Record for being the cat with the most followers. Her Instagram is more of a personal account, but it still has 621,000 fans. Apparently, Disney Parks aren’t just the happiest places on Earth; they offer one of the happiest places on TikTok, too.



TikTokers also create reaction videos, host viral dance challenges, or simply share their life through vlogs. If you run a followers-only promotion for a limited time, it gives your followers another reason to stay engaged and stick around for the next one. Utilize the countdown Stories sticker if you want to build up hype or do a flash sale so the promotions become unpredictable.



In just a matter of years since its inception, TikTok has become the world’s third largest social network, shortly behind Facebook and Instagram. With over a billion active users, who spend an average of 32 minutes per session, TikTok is one of the most engaging social media apps by far. Considering the sheer volume of both users and activity, the business opportunities on the platform are huge. This article breaks down the seven easy ways to use TikTok for business. The entrepreneurs and startups on TikTok can work in different locations and can start to create localized marketing campaigns. For example, startups can post TikTok content in other languages, featuring clips and scenes from the local area.



Additionally, when setting up in-feed ads, you can select from a number of different advertising objectives. There isn’t a limit to the number of hashtags you can use for a video. However, your hashtags will appear in your video’s caption, and captions are limited to 100 characters.



Additionally, you can reach people from all over the world. TikTok has millions of users in over 150 countries, which makes it one of the best platforms to reach an international audience and grow your customer base. TikTok is available to Shopify merchants with a TikTok for business accounts, as well as other platforms like Square, Wix, etc. You can add a shop tab on your profile to show your catalog and direct users to your website.



You can pick any photo or video from your camera roll and shoot your video with it as the background to up its visual appeal. Read more about buy tiktok followers instantly here. Building hype around upcoming launches, these videos can help you kill two birds with one stone. Make sure to keep the video short and crisp and add exciting visuals and captions. Another way to humanize your brand is to share your journey, the ups and downs you’ve faced, and the lessons you’ve learned. So, make sure to direct viewers to what you want them to do after they’ve seen your video with a strong Call-to-Action . Sharing facts, tips, advice, or quick hacks is an excellent way to hook your audience, provide value, and get them to watch your entire video or even replay it.



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